From long, dark, frozen winters to sweltering, bug-infested summers, Life Below Zero: Canada captures the day-to-day trials of people living in unforgiving environments. Follow the cast as they survive in the coldest and most remote regions of Northern Canada.

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Get to know the cast

Becky Broderick 

Mendenhall River, Yukon Territory & Łutsël K’e, Northwest Territories

At around 30 years-old, Becky left her life in Sudbury, Ontario to move to the remote north and settle down roots. Becky lives with her husband, newborn daughter and her beloved team of sled dogs. They live off grid and Becky aims to ‘up’ their game to be completely self-reliant. Becky wants to raise her daughter to be “a self-sufficient badass.”

Kim Pasche and Pierre-Yves Duc 

Silent Lake, Yukon

Best friends Kim and Pierre are Swiss born hunters, trappers and bushmen who have lived in the Yukon for 10 years. They have been working one of the most remote trap-lines in the Yukon Territories for the last six years.

“Pike” Mike Harrison

Lower Liard Valley, NWT

Mike has been living alone in the woods for over 20 years and it’s left him extremely industrious… and a little loopy.  Mike is a professional fishing guide and handyman, constantly upgrading his cabin and gear with items he sources from the wilderness. Mike is a regular “MacGyver” when it comes to builds and general wilderness survival.

Bentley Kakekayash

Weagamow Lake, Northern Ontario (A remote North Caribou Lake First Nations community.)

At only 26 years-old, Bentley Kakekayash is an experienced outdoorsman who has been working and living in the bush since the day he was born. Living in a remote First Nations community, Bentley works the same trap line that his ancestors did before him.

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