Wild Catch

Wild Catch chronicles the thrill of the chase and the love of fishing. Join expert Cyril Chauquet as continues his journey to catch the biggest, most exotic predatory fish everywhere from Cuba to Quebec, Kenya to Belize.


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08) Conquering the world’s sailfish capital: Guatemala

It’s our Adventurer’s first time in Guatemala—one of the few countries in Central America he has yet to discover. This is the sailfish capital of the world, and Cyril has long dreamt of fly fishing for these majestic creatures. He also takes on the region’s magnificent blue marlin... And, he has a date with a volcano for a totally unique fishing experience.


09) Hawaiian slopes and mahi-mahi hopes

What does one find smack-dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Hawaii, of course, where beyond the pristine island surf, exotic flowers and beautiful women, Cyril’s about to get his fish on—from mahi-mahi to swordfish to giant trevally. He also takes to the slopes when he discovers a wintery blanket of snow high on a volcanic peak!


01) South Africa’s finest and fiercest: shark and yellowfin tuna

South Africa is home to one of the most powerful swimming machines in the world—the yellowfin tuna – and Cyril is on its tail! But the wind is blowing so hard, there is no way for him to get out to the deep to find these monsters. With no choice but to wait for the wind to die down, Cyril turns to plan B: the huge bronze whaler sharks that lurk along the wind blown beaches of the Cape of Good Hope. After some epic shark fights on the beach and a close up encounter with massive great whites from a shark cage, the wind finally let’s down just enough to make it offshore. Finally Cyril can live the highs and lows that come from battling these mammoth tuna!


02) King of the Gabonese jungle

If there’s one guy who knows that the West coast of the equatorial African jungle of Gabon is the best spot in the world when it comes to battling the world largest fish from shore, it’s Cyril. It’s especially exciting given this region is home to a particularly unique species: the giant African threadfin! The adventurer then sets off on an incredible journey along rust-red roads that lead into the heart of an elephant stronghold... With a stop to push the Jeep out of a mud hole along the way, Cyril finally arrives at his destination—one of the world’s most incredible fishing spots. Against the surf that rages day and night, Cyril chases that monster 100-pound threadfin... A fish so powerful Cyril is literally dragged into the breaking surf in a tug of war.


03) Marquesas mission: taming the Giant Trevally

This time it’s well off the beaten path for Cyril in a part of the South Pacific far from those famous turquoise lagoons. The volcanic Marquesas Islands are the most isolated in the world, very rugged, totally wild... And they’re home to monster fish—along with the music and traditions of the local tribes. Cyril is about to catch some of the world’s most aggressive predator fish species like huge barracuda. But his ultimate mission is to land a giant trevally from the shore of the raging sea!


04) Reigning in the Mexican roosterfish

The adventure begins in Baja, Mexico, this time on a road trip along the peninsula, travelling from north to south... Cyril’s here for one specific reason: to catch a big rooster fish, the illusive creature he’s been chasing for years. Along his journey he makes plenty of pit-stops for great fishing and even goes night squid fishing with local commercial fishermen! He also swims with a thirty-foot whale shark, goes sand dune surfing and even meets a pedal-to-the-metal rally race car driver.


05) Tahitian shark shake down!

Our tale begins in French Polynesia where Cyril is off to swim among reef sharks and dolphins in the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific. But although he loves mingling with the local wildlife, he’s actually here to try to catch big reef fish. Only problem, the waters are infested with sharks! The challenge: avoid catching big shark so he can land Giant Trevally and multicoloured grouper instead. Luckily Cyril has help from local Polynesian fishermen and pearl farmers - while, taking in the most unique elements of traditional Polynesian culture.


06) Big and briny in Brazil!

We catch up with Cyril as he meets up with a long-time Brazilian contact with whom he’s fished for peacock bass. This time, his friend introduces him to some enormous species found in and around the country’s remote jungles. Together they set out on an exploration to the most remote parts of the Amazon forest on a mission to catch a piraiba, a giant catfish that can tip the scales at more than 400 lbs.


07) Monster trout take-down in Ontario’s Great Lakes

Across the vast tundra in a breathtaking part of Northwest Ontario, Canada, we find Cyril petting wild black bears and hunting for a world record breaking brook trout he’s heard about in the Nipigon river. That record hasn’t been beat in 100 years... And although the odds of Cyril doing it are slim to none, he’s definitely going to try to land a monster!