Buying RVs

There is nothing like seeing the country like traveling the open roads. Meet the modern day pioneers with the passion for adventure and a thirst for freedom that are in search of the ultimate way to see the country…in an RV.


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1) Husband vs. Wife

Randall is an outdoorsman who is married to Lisa, a city slicker looking for an RV with all the creature comforts of home. Will the chose an RV with a fireplace, a king size bed or massive storage space?


2) Million Dollar RVs

Gary and Jeanne are the ultimate tailgaters and are ready to buy an RV and travel wherever their favorite NASCAR driver goes next. Will their love for luxury and their need to tow a racecar of their own break the bank?


4) Chopper RV

Dario loves his motorcycle almost as much as he loves his family. Now everyone is hitting the road, but what RV can accommodate the family and the chopper? Will they choose a roofdeck, a porch, or a separate garage?


3) Family of Eight RV

Anthony is a NYC fire fighter who is taking his wife and seven children for a year-long vacation to see the country. Can he find an RV that is big enough to keep them sane, enjoy their vacation and accommodate a homeschooling class of seven?