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Brothers Andrew and Kevin have just moved into their spacious new digs, a former lodge hall with plenty of open space but unfortunately, not much else. There's no furniture, no beds, no showers, and perhaps most importantly, no beer.
Brothers Andrew and Kevin have just moved into their spacious new digs, a former lodge hall with plenty of open space but unfortunately, not much else. There's no furniture, no beds, no showers, and perhaps most importantly, no beer.
S1 E01 Bar
After a night of tossing and turning, brothers Andrew and Kevin decide that it’s about time to add beds to their recently purchased lodge hall. With a lack of materials, time, and sleep…. a head-to-head battle ensues!
S1 E02 Sleeping Pods
There is nowhere to go but up as brothers Kevin and Andrew take on their tallest order yet. Looking to give their health a boost, the brothers are installing a rock climbing gym in the main staircase of their newly-acquired lodge hall.
S1 E03 Rock Climbing Staircase 
Brothers Andrew and Kevin are cooking up something special for the new neighbours. After the folks next door extend a warm welcome by lending the boys their egg-shaped barbecue, the bros get cracking on returning the favour.
S1 E04 BBQ Table
Brothers Andrew and Kevin have never been ones for half measures  -- not when it comes to additions to their new house and definitely not when it comes to their newfound passion for skateboarding.
S1 E05 Halfpipe Living Room
Having been cooped up indoors renovating their new lodge hall, brothers Andrew and Kevin are a little homesick for their family cottage. They miss the wide open expanses and the great outdoors which is why, the boys are taking the outside in!
S1 E06 Outhouse In The House
With their favorite big league team chasing a pennant, brothers Kevin and Andrew are bringing some fanfare to their newly-acquired property. This week, the boys look to throw a perfect game -- and the perfect party -- with a stadium-inspired setting
S1 E07 Sports Lounge
It's harvest time and brothers Kevin and Andrew are scratching their heads over how to celebrate the fall's bounty. But instead of purchasing a much-needed dining table for their feast, they've emptied their pockets on a grand pool table.
S1 E08 Dining Pool Table
A trip to the multiplex to hit up a baseball movie inspires brothers Andrew and Kevin to make a double play and squeeze two of their favourite pastimes into their new lodge hall.
S1 E09 Theatre Batting Cage
Brothers Andrew and Kevin know that the perfect topper to a fun day on the slopes is chillaxing out in the chalet afterwards and indulging in the quintessential apres-ski experience.
S1 E10 Hot Tub Ski Chalet
While their engineer pal Walker is basking in the sun and sand at a Caribbean resort, brothers Andrew and Kevin are stuck inside their big new house on a cold and blustery February day.
S1 E11 House Beach
Brothers Andrew and Kevin are looking to generate some real buzz with their latest project, where they convert a corner of their lodge hall's dark and dingy basement into a hip new Coffee Bar!
S1 E12 Coffee Bar
When brothers Kevin and Andrew took possession of an empty lodge hall earlier in the year, they began with a clean slate. But with their new home nearing completion, that slate isn't so clean anymore and neither are they. It's finally time to.....
S1 E13 Shower
This weekend, brothers Andrew and Kevin set their sights on building the Ultimate Outdoor Mobile Kitchen, a cookout station on wheels that they can tow along on their cottage adventures with everything needed to create the perfect surf 'n' turf!
S3 E01 Ultimate Outdoor Mobile Kitchen
Brothers Andrew and Kevin have been known to go over the top when it comes to their DIY creations and their latest is no exception – they’re bringing an upper deck party to their lakeside family cottage by converting the roof of their workshop.
S3 E02 The Ultimate Rooftop Patio
There’s just never enough room at the family cottage so brothers Kevin and Andrew decide that it’s time to build a proper guest tent - a seasonal outdoor sleeping area that'll be cozy and dry.
S3 E03 The Ultimate Outdoor Bedroom
When brothers Andrew and Kevin acquire a 1967 Ford Country Squire station wagon -- a wood-paneled beauty with bench seats and a big block engine – they take one look and think the same thing: Ultimate Beach Wagon.
S3 E04 The Ultimate Beach Wagon
There’s one thing that brothers Andrew and Kevin love more than building projects at their family cottage and that’s pretending to build while doing nothing at all. Determined to disguise their laziness from their wives.
S3 E05 The Ultimate Covert Man Cave
No strangers to launching unique floating contraptions, brothers Kevin and Andrew may have finally figured out a way to get their 4-wheel all-terrain vehicle from their cottage property onto the island in the middle of the lake: The ATV-Powered Barge
S3 E06 The ATV-Powered Barge
Brothers Andrew and Kevin look to their wives for inspiration this weekend as they embark on creating a picturesque She-Shed at their lakeside family cottage. Their female version of the man cave will come complete with its very own wine bar making.
S3 E07 The Ultimate She-Shed
For brothers Andrew and Kevin, the boathouse at their lakeside family cottage has been
S3 E08 The Ultimate Boathouse Bed and Breakfast
This weekend, brothers Kevin and Andrew are putting a unique spin on yet another college mainstay. Upon realizing that their newly-installed driveway might in fact be the flattest, most level piece of ground on their lakeside family cottage property.
S3 E09 The Ultimate Driveway Tennis Court
While brothers Kevin and Andrew are used to having their cottage building projects go downhill, it's never been intentional... until now. This weekend, the brothers are in a race to the bottom -- of the hill, that is -- when they go head-to-head!
S3 E10 The Soapbox Racers
It's another summer day at the cottage and for brothers Kevin and Andrew, there's no better way to stay cool than with a quick dip in the lake followed by a scoop of ice cream. Of course, what would make it even better is if they didn't have to wait
S3 E11 Floating Ice Cream Bike
While brothers Kevin and Andrew may be a little short on food up at their lakeside cottage property, they're not starved for ideas on how to solve their dilemma.
S3 E12 The Ultimate Bread Oven
Campfire sing-alongs are the highlight of the cottage experience for brothers Kevin and Andrew at their lakeside family retreat and this weekend, they've invited guests from all around the lake for the ultimate end-of-summer hootenanny.
S3 E13 Ultimate Floating Fire Pit
Unable to decide whether to build a new bowling alley or a new dock for their cottage property, brothers Andrew and Kevin decide to do both, combining two ideas into one: the Brojects Browling Alley is a floating wooden boat dock!
Inspired by the swim-up bars at Caribbean resorts, brothers Andrew and Kevin set out to construct one of their own at their lakeside cottage property, and highlighted by underwater seating.
There’s no avoiding the water hazard at the most unique golf course in all of cottage country. On their lakeside property, brothers Andrew and Kevin are re-imagining the game of golf for the water, putting all nine holes of the Floating Golf Course.
Necessity is the brother of all invention and there’s nothing that brothers Andrew and Kevin need more than a workshop at their lakeside cottage property. With a mandate from their parents to keep the projects small and out of sight.
For brothers Andrew and Kevin, summers by the lake at their cottage property lack for only one thing: a beach. It’s a situation that they plan to rectify immediately in their quest to host the Ultimate Beach Party.
Last year, brothers Andrew and Kevin together with their engineer pal, Walker, set out to build a playground at their cottage property for their kids but what they came up with was unsafe, unattractive and ultimately, unused.
Never again will brothers Andrew and Kevin find themselves at the perfect remote fishing spot but without a boat to sail out on – this weekend, they’re creating the ultimate all-in-one-camper-plus-boat solution by converting the truck cap on the back
Brothers Andrew and Kevin have made a resolution to live healthier, more active lifestyles and decide that this weekend at the lake is as good a time to start as any.
It’s going to be a high stakes weekend up as brothers Kevin and Andrew, along with their engineer pal Walker, are going all in and turning their quaint family retreat into the Cottage Casino.
The chilly weather at their lakeside cottage property has brothers Andrew and Kevin opening their minds and pores to the ceremony of sweat that is the sauna. But knowing the bros, it’s not just going to be any old sauna!
Football season is in full swing and brothers Kevin and Andrew have big plans for the season-ending showdown. But instead of going to the game, they're going to bring the game to them.
S2 E11 The Ultimate Football Lounge
Old man winter has returned to the cottage and brothers Andrew and Kevin are hot on his heels for a weekend of frigid fun. Harkening back to yesteryear, the bros land on their weekend project: a toboggan designed to recapture some of their youth.
S2 E12 The Ultimate Toboggan
With Kevin's loud snoring nearly driving his brother Andrew to silence him for good, the boys decide that perhaps it's finally time to try out some alternative sleeping arrangements up at their lakeside cottage property.
S2 E13 The Ultimate Ice Hotel
Swimming in the lake is an essential part of the cottage experience but the brothers need a swim raft….the ultimate swim raft.  Andrew and Kevin retreat to the drawing board eager to fix the situation.
S1 E01 Ultimate Swim Raft
Brothers Andrew and Kevin have always wanted to combine their two favourite activities at the cottage: water sports and relaxing on their deck chairs. The boys concoct yet another one-of-a-kind Brojects creation: The Chair Ski – a deck chair on water
S1 E02 The Chair Ski
Brothers Andrew and Kevin want to create the ultimate Margherita and Margarita experience: fresh, piping-hot Neapolitan-style Margherita pizzas paired with tasty frozen Margarita cocktails.
S1 E03 Ultimate Pizza Oven
Frustrated by the poor movie watching experience inside the cottage, Brothers Andrew and Kevin dream of having an outdoor movie theatre setup, and this weekend they set out to realize that dream.
S1 E04 Ultimate Outdoor Theatre
For brothers Andrew and Kevin, the heart of their cottage has always been the fire pit. It’s the epicentre of all cottage weekends and the place where laughs are loudest and memories are made.
S1 E05 Ultimate Fire Pit
one of their most important cottage projects yet: the Ultimate Outdoor Cottage Shower. The brothers dream of a shower with a view of the lake and an open roof to see the stars, a destination shower where they can relax and wash off a hard day’s work.
S1 E06 Ultimate Outdoor Shower
Under direction from their wives to build a play area for the kids, the boys tackle the ultimate playground.
S1 E07 Ultimate Playground
Growing up, “hot tubbing,” meant a bathtub in their front yard fed with a garden hose. Inspired to set things right, brothers Kevin and Andrew get to work on designing and building the Ultimate Cottage Hot Tub.
S1 E08 Ultimate Hot Tub
The cottage of brothers Andrew and Kevin lacks a ‘man’tuary: a place to sit, watch fire cook meat, drink liquids that burn your belly, and generally look busy while doing next to nothing.
S1 E09 Ultimate Smokehouse
The lake at the cottage is not open for winter fishing so the brothers Andrew and Kevin decide they need a mobile ice fishing shack they can haul into the middle of a frozen lake.
S1 E10 Ultimate Ice Fishing Shack
A weekend winter getaway has been a family cottage tradition for brothers Andrew and Kevin for years. Their friends come in force looking to beat the winter blues with a healthy dose of crisp winter air and good-natured banter.
S1 E11 Ultimate Hockey Rink
With springtime just around the corner, the anticipation of warm weather and longer days gets brothers Andrew and Kevin dreaming about adventures they can do in cottage country.
S1 E13 Mobile Mini Cottage
Warmer days and cold nights bring brothers Andrew and Kevin to the cottage with sweet dreams on their minds and maple syrup supplies in their hands.
S1 E12 Ultimate Breakfast Bar